Trump’s ghost is destroying what’s left of the GOP

While Liz Cheney prevailed in a challenge to her House Leadership position. while Marjorie Taylor Greene lost her committee memberships. Still, all is not rosy for Cheney.

Liz Cheney and Tom Rice voted to impeach Trump. Liz Cheney was censured by her home state republican party. Tom Rice was censured by his home state republican party last week. Really, Donald Trump received the maximum of the votes that he was going to get. And it wasn’t enough to get him re-elected to the presidency.


So what are Trumpists doing? Are they shrinking the Republican party? Maybe. They only want people in the Republican party that are going along with the program that the trumpists have set up. But if they get rid of “Rinos” or moderates, they have a smaller party. Those ejected from the party are not likely to vote for Trump again. I am thinking this serves the aims of the Democrats.

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