Trump is never coming back from this one

Facebook has banned Donald Trump. He will never be back on the social media site. That’s right. I said never. And I mean it.

Facebook has said the insane insurrectionist is banned for two years. But let’s break this down. First off, Donald Trump will likely be in prison in two years. But even if he is not, he has no chance of getting back on Facebook. Nothing will change in two years. When Facebook reevaluates, they will find Trump is exactly the same as he is today, only perhaps worse.

And Facebook, for all its problems, does not want this monster back on their platform anymore than we do. These are challenging times. There is anger in the air, so tangible, one could almost reach out and touch it. It is a fuse, and Facebook is not going to let it explode.

Folks, Trump is done. He’s history. His response to the Facebook ban was so pitiful it barely got headlines. Many naysayers insist Trump is not done. That is just not true.

There is a reason Trump’s grift survived for so long. It is because Trump is totally and irrevocably damaged. And damaged people – many of them – can be dangerous. Consider the quote by author and poet Josephine Hart: “Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.”

Trump got away with so much because his soul was and is damaged. Rules meant nothing to him. He cannot feel joy. He does not think like you and me. And he had enablers. So, yes, his grift survived for years.

But now, it is all coming apart in front of us. He will be indicted. He will never be let back on Facebook. His damage has gone too deep. There is no way out for the insurrectionist, and he knows it. Trump has been defeated. His memory lingers but grows more irrelevant with each passing hour.

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