Tom Cotton goes bonkers

Tom Cotton (rotten-insurrection party-Arkansas) is an idiot. This is evidenced by his actions and his words, both of which have been severely lacking in intelligence and any semblance of reality. In his latest move, Mr. “Rotten” Cotton has decided to attack the CDC. Here is his statement: “The CDC is a thoroughly politicized agency, and their school reopening advice should be disregarded.”

Why Mr. Rotten chose to make this statement is not hard to understand. Tommy Rotten wants to be President someday. He is one of those guys I would not be surprised to find out practices their inauguration speech in the bathroom mirror. Good ole Tommy wants a taste of the power that comes with being President, I’m sure.

So, he makes the kind of daft statement only a MAGA could love. And sure enough, MAGAs are gratefully thanking him all over Twitter for saying… what? I guess for saying, it is OK to put people in danger and ignore science.

Tommy Rotten is in for a rude awakening if he announces his candidacy and attempts a stupid move like trying to run.

Tommy is not a particularly charismatic guy, nor is he the brightest peg on the board. I would not expect a Tommy candidacy ever to go anywhere.

However, what I would expect to see are clueless MAGAS actually listening to a moron like him and once again putting their health and others’ health at risk. My gosh, I feel for the state of Arkansas having this one for a “leader.”

How do I say this politely? Tom Cotton needs to sit down and shut up. This is not the first time he’s come out with a moronic statement, nor I suspect will it be the last.

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