Time to change the channel

I want to address something. That is the media. I have written about them before. But it is imperative to outline how damaging many of them are being and why you should be careful. Let me go back in time a bit.

I am sure many of you have read about the bloody and historic Trojan war. I am sure many of you know about Achilles and Helen of Troy, and Hector. And let’s not forget the Trojan Horse. Whenever I see the Troy film, and the scene comes on with the Trojan Horse, it ALWAYS sends a shiver down my spine. Evil wrapped in a gift of kindness.

But sometimes, watching the GOP, I am reminded of this story. I also feel that way watching the Media. Many GOP members show their evil. Michael Flynn is an excellent example. Some do not, though. Some can appear charming and folksy. And people fall for it. Many people do.

As for the media, many of them cannot stick to any issue that shows good news for the Democrats. This is hugely damaging and is guaranteed to demotivate Democrats. The reason for that is watching anything with such profound negativity will do just that. Think about something.

Do any of you have a fear? Maybe it is spiders or high places or being closed in or the sight of blood. Now, picture watching hours and hours of TV on your fear. How would that make you feel?

Disgusted? Dejected? Maybe repelled? Well, think about this. Democrats often fear losing. And every time that narrative gets repeated, audiences get just a wee bit more unmotivated. This week held great news for us as subpoenas went out for from the January 6th committee.


But instead of the focus being on — for example, what Steve Bannon knew or Mark Meadows — the whole news cycle was on “what if Republicans don’t show up?” Barely any mention of the actual horror that occurred and getting to the bottom of it. So, be aware, and if it gets to be too much-please change the channel.

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