This keeps getting uglier for Marsha Blackburn

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is regressive and illiberal, but that is a given since she’s a member of the evermore extreme QAnon party. Unfortunately, enough people in Tennessee voted for her to become a senator, and this means we’re now all subjected to her harmful rightism. Like most Republicans, Blackburn consistently chooses the wrong side of every issue. This week, to the surprise of no one, Blackburn announced her opposition to the LGBTQ Equality Act. This GOP Senator doesn’t want equality, and she’s got nonsensical excuses she hopes we’ll believe.

With dubious reasoning, Blackburn has declared that the LGBTQ Equality Act is “regressive.” She went on to say that the act isn’t necessary because she believes the Constitution affords us all “equality.” The problem is that the Constitution doesn’t necessarily give us all equality, and we’ve had to make amendments to it as the country has (too slowly) evolved. We know that the Constitution had to be changed to free slaves and to allow suffrage for women, so Blackburn is wrong to claim that the document automatically confers equality. The Constitution isn’t perfect, and it’s had to be amended numerous times as we’ve made sluggish progress towards a more perfect union. There will surely be future amendments as we continue our journey as a nation.

Blackburn, an amplified voice in support of anything and everything done by the ruinous previous administration, trots out the same tired right-wing tropes to argue against equality. She inexplicably asserts that the LGBTQ Equality Act somehow harms women, when her party only tolerates women because it needs their votes. Rights are meant to be applied equally for everyone, including LGBTQ people, and it’s beyond tiresome to hear right-wingers like Blackburn use everything from the Constitution to their brand of religion to continue to deny equal rights and equal treatment to others.

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