This just backfired on Ivanka Trump

How did we get here? How did we get to the point where a dangerous and savage pandemic became a political talking point? The answer to this question is, once again, not surprisingly through the former guy. And though he is gone now, his stench remains.

The former guy’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, posted a Twitter photo that succeeded in bringing the polarization and resentment exploding back into our consciousness.

The photo that Ivanka posted was of her receiving the COVID vaccine. She tweeted it with these words: “Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you, Nurse Torres!!!”

It’s too little too late, is what I’d say, but I would also say the hate that exploded toward Ivanka on Twitter was, even for MAGAs, surprising. MAGAs were infuriated. They felt betrayed, and they lashed out at Ivanka, calling her a liar, a fraud, and a joke.

The reason for the anguish of the MAGAS is because they do not believe in vaccines. Some believe that Bill Gates is involved in the vaccine process, and humans are secretly being microchipped. Apparently, for this group, that is easier to believe than the fact that the vaccine might help people avoid COVID.


Of course, Ivanka is not getting support from Democrats, mainly because she never spoke out before. The MAGAs’ savagery and completely obstinate and cultish beliefs about COVID are not doing and will not do anything to lessen the spread. And with their rageful reactions toward Ivanka, they show that nobody is immune from the continuous fury of MAGA.

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