This is ugly for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Back on March 23, Michael Dutcher and Thomas Woodard decided to try to escape from the Anamosa, Iowa maximum security prison. During this attempt they attacked two prison employees, namely officer Robert McFarland and nurse Lorena Schulte. Both McFarland and Schulte died due to injuries they sustained in the attack.

In the wake of the deaths of McFarland and Schulte the state has had to answer a lot of hard questions about the staffing at the prison and how the Iowa GQP government has basically ignored the needs of our law enforcement and corrections communities in setting policy.

Following the deaths of both McFarland and Schulte has Iowa’s Branch Trumpvidian Government been attentive to the needs of the law enforcement and corrections communities? Oh f—k no. Iowa Governor #CovidKim Reynolds has sent members of the Iowa State Patrol to Texas, which can bite Iowa in the butt if another Derecho or other natural disaster hits Iowa and we don’t have the people we need here in Iowa to deal with the disaster.

The aforementioned Branch Trumpvidian government of Iowa gave lip service to providing more personnel and funding for corrections personnel, but their actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words. In other words, no actions at all. Meanwhile an understaffed Anamosa prison continues to experience inmate on staff assaults because the Iowa GQP is more worried about fighting pandemic mitigation measures of any sort and kissing up to the Orange Florida Retiree than doing their blessed jobs and making sure corrections officers have what they need to safely operate prisons while respecting the Constitutional rights of prisoners.

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