This is pathetic even for Donald Trump

As 9/11 arrives, we honor the families and mourn the victims of that terrible day. At least MOST of us do. The following story is true. It is not a nightmare that you are having. It is not “The twilight zone.” It is not a Stephen King novel, although I imagine King will have much to say about THIS little news story.

So here it is. The former guy wants to have a boxing match with President Biden. And he wants to do it on 9/11. This is not a joke. This really is the man who held the nuclear codes for several miserable years. What to even say? Obviously, this will not happen. But why not have a contest for kindness and humility? I will be the judge. And I promise to remain neutral.

The first question to the contenders: Who has shown empathy and wisdom during COVID? Biden has had a wonderful roll-out of the vaccination process and has now put even more guidelines in place regarding vaccinations. The former guy spoke quite highly of — bleach.

What about storms and hurricanes? Biden has been there for the people affected by the last hurricane, both the people down south and the people up north. The former guy? Well — he threw toilet paper at suffering Puerto Ricans.

And what about memory? President Biden has always remembered what his primary missions are and has so far been a significant success. Now let’s look at the former guy. Well, he made one very significant contribution showing the American people his memory is alive and kicking. I will quote him: “Person. woman, man, camera, TV.”

It’s official! Biden has won the match! His reward? Well — he already has it. It’s the Presidency, of course. As for the former guy? He will no doubt continue to let Biden eat into his chicken-nugget-fueled brain cells, and it couldn’t happen to a more despicable person.

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