This is just ugly for Iowa Republicans

Last spring Iowa’s Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds and her GQP enablers in the legislature rammed through a new voter “security” bill which was designed to make it as hard as possible for those who don’t vote GQP to vote. One of the provisions of the bill was that if there was suspected fraud officials had to act or they could be held accountable.

Well, recently up in the Linn-Mar School District an anti-do a fornicating thing about the blessed pandemic school board candidate Geralyn Jones apparently had people sign the nomination petition entering her name in the school board race sign other people’s names with the permission of the people whose names they signed. Problem? Under Iowa law one cannot do that. Under Chapter 39 of the Iowa Code falsely signing a nomination petition with another’s name is considered election misconduct in the second degree (§39.A3) and is an aggravated misdemeanor which can result in jail time.

Upon learning of this, Linn County Auditor Joel Miller, a Democrat, asked the county sheriff to investigate. Before anyone says Miller is doing this for partisan reasons, well according to the law our Branch Trumpvidian governor and legislature themselves pushed through, Miller has no choice but to refer it for criminal investigation. If he did not, he would face fines.


Of course, I imagine CovidKim and her GQP enablers will still whine about this and complain it’s a partisan witch-hunt. To the GQP it is never an issue when one of theirs proveably commits election fraud. It’s only when people who tend to vote Democratic (most especially racial minorities) exercise their Constitutional rights to vote that the GQP starts bitching about fraud.

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