This is just sick

I have heard from many of you in the comments section speaking of your outrage about the Texas abortion law. I share your outrage. It is not just the vile law itself which is despicable. It is also the many smug and misogynistic men who seem to be omnipresent. Suddenly, they’re everywhere, spouting off on this subject as if they have any idea at all what it really means for women.

Governor Greg Abbott has declared he will catch all Texas rapists. Johnathan Mitchell has declared all women have to do is remain celibate. Now we have Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance admitting that if women are raped and have to carry their rapist’s babies to term, it might be a bit “inconvenient” for them. Doesn’t it make you sick?


This law will be thrown out. But for now it really is bringing out the worst in many. I believe we MUST make this law a huge part of our 2022 platform. We must reach every female in this great country, and make sure they are aware of how high the stakes are.

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