This is just pathetic

I have now heard what I deem to be the most ignorant, pathetic and moronic legal argument possibly ever made. This is all about the sweeping wave of rigid abortion laws that seem to be permeating the country. First we had Texas. Although I have little doubt this gross law will be overturned, we also have other states to worry about, and one of them is Mississippi. That’s where the idiotic legal argument comes in.

Attorney and sadist Johnathan Mitchell, submitted a legal brief arguing — and I am not making this up — that there is a way for all women to never again get pregnant if they choose not to. His answer? Women should just refrain from sex. Then there is no problem.

I have a few questions about this piece of human garbage. How in hell did he ever pass the Bar exam? And second, is there a way to get him disbarred for actually having the audacity to submit this wretched opinion in a legal brief to the courts? Mr. Mitchell, the sex lives of women are none of your business. Perhaps you wish they were. Perhaps you are really bored, and have nothing else to do with your time. Please find a hobby, Mr. Mitchell.

And please make it something having nothing to do with women. Because it is evident that you know nothing about women, possess no understanding of the rule of law and have exposed yourself for the misogynistic pig that you are. So please take a seat, put your mansplaining away and try to find some knowledge. The world will be a better place if you do.

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