This is just embarrassing for the Republicans


This can’t be true.

What happened? We thought you were a patriot. Has that changed, Friend? At a time when our nation is under attack, we cannot afford for your support to waver.

We’re hoping this is a mistake, so we’re giving you ONE LAST CHANCE. This opportunity may not come again, so don’t wait.”

Hi friends! What you read above are words not spoken by me. It is, in fact, a message from the Republican National Committee. Yes, I am signed up to receive former guy emails. You know the saying: keep your enemies close.

But I wanted you to see how they manipulate. I wanted you to see how they milk their base, slathering them in guilt. Donate now, or the former guy will be so hurt! Donate now! We cannot go on without you! Donate now, or the former guy will think you don’t like him anymore!

Oh, the sadness of it all! And the texts are even worse. Perhaps some of you are signed up for them as a joke like I am. Are you one of the former guy’s “special friends?” I am. The fact that I hate the former guy and would never donate to him is neither here nor there.

It is, in its way, a good marketing tool, except maybe not. Because the emails have taken on an increasingly desperate and plaintive tone and are arriving with more frequency, so perhaps the former guy’s coffers are not filled with moolah.

I have been known to send back a choice reply or two (or three). This does not seem to matter, as I suspect nobody reads such replies. I wait with amusement to be kicked off their mailing list, but it never does happen. Perhaps they think one day I’ll see the light?

Anyway–these emails show the GOP con is alive and well and living on internet screens worldwide. FYI–What type of response do YOU think I should send them next time? Feel free to be as creative as you want!

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