This is just embarrassing for Lindsey Graham

Hypocrisy be they name Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham (hypocrite, insurrection party, South Carolina) seems to have made a partial career change. That’s right, folks! Lindsey is now a teacher – in his own mind, that is. How do I know this? How am I privy to this information? Why Lindsey told all of us himself!

Graham has decided to grade President Biden’s presidency! Why he made that decision, I do not know. Perhaps he is bored. Maybe he is in desperate need of attention. Perhaps he just once again wants the former guy to notice him.

I believe it is the last explanation that fits. So Mr. Graham chose his grade and came up with–an F! Thank you, Lindsey, for amusing us all yet again!

Lindsey’s determination to suck up to the former guy is at best bizarre and at worst pathetic. I could tell you what the South Carolinian’s rationalizations were for such a grade, but I prefer not to. I think we all know that President Biden could cure cancer, eradicate all poverty and announce world peace and Graham would STILL insist the former guy did everything better.

But one statement by Graham on Twitter is important. He claims cops do not “feel supported” by Biden.

Oh no, you don’t, little pet. Cops are feeling supported by Biden and the Democrats because we are the ONLY party that cares about the blue. If you love cops so much, Mr. Graham, you would have done as they asked and voted for a January 6 commission.


Most people know Graham is full of it. It’s a pity that a man who was at one time at least a little respected is seemingly content to have his legacy entwined with the evilest President this country has ever had.

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