This is just embarrassing for Donald Trump

The news recently dropped that the Orange Freaking Menace (OFM) is filing a class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google along with their respective CEOs Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Pichai. It’s the usual pile of steaming horse manure that these private companies were being mean to him and not allowing him to use their platforms to incite the overthrow of the lawfully elected government of the United States and cast doubt on the 2020 election because more people didn’t want OFM as president anymore opposed to those that did.

This further shows how the arm-chair lawyer in chief thinks that the 1st Amendment should allow him and his Branch Trumpvidian supporters to say anything they want without restriction or consequence, regardless of the fact that these restrictions and consequences are all coming from private businesses. The internet is full of OFM stooges coming up with all sorts of manure about how OFM and Branch Trumpvidian supporters should be allowed to do or say anything they want. News flash for OFM and his supporters: the 1st Amendment only protects people from government action, not the reaction of private businesses.

Given his track record in the courts so far, and with the news of how OFM is about to go through some legal things I do wonder if OFM is doing all this to: (a) provide the media with a distraction from his legal troubles; and (b) get his sorry hide back in the news. I don’t see this going very far given the terms of service each of the three companies has and his record so far in the courts.

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