This is idiotic, even for Josh Hawley

There are so many idiotic members of the GOP it would be challenging to choose the MOST idiotic. However, Senator Josh Hawley (smarmy-insurrection Party-Missouri) would be at least a finalist.

It’s genuinely amazing that Hawley still shows his face in public after his horrible actions concerning the January 6th insurrection. His attempts to overturn the election AND his pathetic fist pump have made him a pariah, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

But Hawley is refusing to apologize for any of it. He has actually gone the route of idiotically defending himself and his fist pump. Maybe, after all, he would take the prize for the stupidest GOP member.

Hawley attempted to explain his actions by musing that he did not know “which of those protesters if any of them…participated in the criminal riot.”

This statement, of course, makes absolutely no sense. It appears what the mealy-mouthed Senator is saying is that there are different levels of insurrectionist behavior and that it is OK to fist pump the – the what? I suppose he means it is just peachy to spur on the beginners, but the intermediary insurrectionists are a no-no?

I have no idea what Hawley is talking about, and frankly, I am guessing neither does Hawley. But sadly, these days, when the insurrection party speaks, things do not HAVE to make sense and usually don’t. So I suppose Hawley is not alone in that.

Regardless of what Hawley meant or didn’t mean, the fact is that he encouraged the enemy. This enemy would go on to attack the Capitol and cause mayhem and death. The fact that Hawley seems to think this is not such a big deal shows why the Missouri Senator has no business being in political office at all.

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