This is going to blow up in Greg Abbott’s face

Breaking news! This is shocking. It might be the most shocking news EVER! I can hardly believe this news myself. So here goes: It is illegal in Texas to be a rapist! Yes, I know. I, too, felt stunned upon hearing this startling news. And that is not all. Soon, there will be NO rapists in the state of Texas — none. Double shock. So, let’s break down this news story because I, for one, am amazed.

Oh — let me clarify. I am not amazed at this news itself. I’m amazed at the utter and complete stupidity of the pathetic moron who made these repelling comments. And that is Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott (hates women, insurrection party, Texas) was trying to speak with reporters and was doing a terrible job. So, he said these words, immediately turning him into a national joke with an IQ level, perhaps not even at the infant stage.

Abbott was being asked about the Texas Handmaid’s law, making abortion illegal at six weeks and putting essentially “bounties” on women. And he was asked about abortion in the case of rape and incest.

Adopting a stern look on his face and seemingly trying with desperation to look cool and intelligent (this failed badly), the Governor exclaimed that — shocker — rape is WRONG!

So, here are the words the mentally damaged man spoke in all their bizarre glory: “Rape is a crime, and Texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists — ”

I am stopping there. I am not finishing the quote. Some quotes are too stupid to complete in their entirety, and this is one of them. But you get the picture.

So, how does Abbott plan to eliminate all rapists? Will he perhaps hang billboards up asking all rapists to please identify themselves? Will he perhaps form a Facebook group and invite all rapists to join? (I’d better not give him any ideas.)

This comment was not just ignorant but clearly shows the Texan has no idea what the HECK he is talking about. This comment he made makes anything said by Gym Jordan look intelligent, and that is saying something! Note to Democrats: Great ad to play in the midterms.

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