This is a disaster for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

The Delta variant of COVID-19 has been exploding across Iowa. Hospitals across the state have reported capacity issues. Among the latest of those are Genesis Health System – which is one of two main hospital systems in the Quad Cities area. While they wouldn’t say that COVID was the sole culprit, they said all or nearly all their ICU beds are taken in both Davenport and Silvis. And they have many other COVID patients too. Going to head out on a limb here and guess many of these people are unvaccinated and were all full of excuses about why they couldn’t get vaccinated.

About two months late to the party, Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds is finally starting to acknowledge that we have a fornicating problem in this state as the delta variant explodes across Iowa. So now CovidKim is trying to talk her Branch Trumpvidian base into taking vaccines. (Yeah, good luck with that). Along with saying we have a problem, and that Iowa’s government was going back to more frequent reporting of COVID data.

I’d tell CovidKim to give us all a blessed break. She and her GQP enablers in the legislator were all about hobbling the ability of local governments to respond to the pandemic. They blocked local governments and school districts from implementing measures to keep our kids safe. So I’ll leave it to everyone’s imaginations what I think of CovidKim and Iowa’s Branch Trumpvidian government’s efforts to “mitigate” the COVID-19 pandemic.

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