This has Mitch McConnell on edge

The White House still keeps showing confidence in its plans and willingness to compromise, despite Mitch McConnell’s rebukes. President Biden chuckled when asked Wednesday whether he still thought he could work with McConnell after he had committed to obstructing Biden’s administration.

“Look, he said that in our last administration [with former President] Barack [Obama, that] he was going to stop everything — and I was able to get a lot done with him,” said Biden, following his remarks in the State Dining Room, touting his restaurant revitalization fund.

“Again, look — everything I’m proposing that be done to generate economic growth, employment, and put us in a position where we can out-compete any other country in the world with research and development, and moving ahead, I pay for it,” continued Biden.

McConnell had been asked about the conflict with Liz Cheney, poised to lose her leadership position in the House, but was non-responsive to that, instead attacking Biden’s administration, “One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration. I think the best way of looking at [it] is the President may have won the nomination, but Bernie Sanders won the argument about what [it] should be like. We are confronted with severe challenges from the new administration and a narrow majority … to turn [us] into a socialist country, and that’s 100% my focus.”

When Jen Psaki was asked about McConnell’s comments, she said, “Well, I guess the contrast for people to consider is 100% of our focus is on delivering relief to the American people, on getting the pandemic under control, and putting people back to work, and we welcome and support engagement and work with Republicans on that.”

Biden also pointed to an upcoming meeting with Sen. Shelley Capito, saying, “I’m going to meet with Republicans next week … I’m willing to compromise, but i’m not willing to not pay for what we’re talking about,” obviously meaning McConnell’s refusal to consider any tax hikes.

If McConnell hoped to get Biden ruffled up, off-message, or to just cancel his meeting with Republicans, it did not work. It’s obvious to Americans who is unwilling to compromise, as well as which party is in trouble — over a disagreement to even tell the truth. Republicans’ attack on Cheney for refusing to tell the Big Lie obviously has McConnell on edge.

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