This Capitol insurrectionist may have just gotten himself thrown back in jail

Iowan and Qanon/Branch Trumpvidian terrorist Douglas Jensen was released to home confinement under his wife’s supervision. Among the conditions of his release were that he not use the internet. Well, Jensen didn’t last too long before violating his conditions, prompting prosecutors to file a motion asking for him to be returned to jail.

Jensen was caught by a court officer listening to a right-wing streaming service in his garage and admitted to pre-trial services that he had watched Mr. MyPillow Mike Lindell’s South Dakota Conspiracypalooza online for two days. Additionally, his wife would leave the news on for him so he could get his diet of right-wing horses–t, showing how trustworthy she was in supervising Jensen.

I know there are good and valid reasons for plea deals and releasing people to home confinement in order to hook the bigger fish in the scheme of things, but I feel that a lot of these people got off way too easy. My view is that every person who breached the Capitol on January 6 is guilty of treason and most of them can count themselves as damn lucky they’re not getting prosecuted as traitors.

Jensen once again showed his contempt for the rule of law in this country by ignoring the orders of the court who had let him go home over the government’s objection. I hope the judge returns him to the Graybar Hilton because Jensen has made it clear that he will not obey the rules.

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