This Capitol attacker is a complete idiot

Thomas Webster is a retired NYPD officer. He’s also one of the insurrectionists who assaulted the Capitol on January 6. During that attack he attacked a police officer with a metal pole and ripped off the officer’s protective gear. He was arrested for his crimes and is currently incarcerated. His attorney argued for Webster to be released or at least moved to a jail closer to home.

Why? According to the guy’s attorney it’s because Webster “is in shock” that he’s being housed in a facility with people who committed “inner-city crimes.” Translation: He’s upset that he’s being held accountable for his terrorist acts and is being housed with minorities whose crimes he believes are all far worse than those he committed.

The total lack of self-awareness in many of the Branch Trumpvidians who attacked the Capitol is incredible. They participated in an insurrection against their own government and thought that because their Giant Golden Calf of Stupidity ordered them to attack, they would not be held accountable. These are people who think that things like personal responsibility and accountability are for anyone other than themselves.

Maybe if Webster admitted his crimes and truly accepted responsibility, I’d be a little sympathetic. But he’s another Branch Trumpvidian who thinks laws are for other people. Meanwhile African-Americans get pulled out of their vehicles at gunpoint for having the nerve to drive new vehicles with temporary tags, get shot “by mistake” by an officer who used her gun instead of her taser, or get charged with felonies for wanting to watch a governor sign voter suppression into law. So, I hope this is another insurrectionist argument that gets laughed right out of court and he has lots of time to think about his crimes.

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