This Capitol attacker is a complete idiot

Lonnie Leroy Coffman of Falkville, Alabama, a 71-year old Army veteran, was charged with bringing five loaded firearms and 11 molotov cocktails with napalm-like qualities to the Capitol on Jan. 6th. New court filings Monday alleged he approached Sen. Ted Cruz’s Washington home and office weeks earlier to discuss “election fraud” and previously joined an armed-citizen camp at the Texas border.

Coffman has pleaded not guilty, but a judge ordered his continued detention without bail, citing evidence he had potential plans to coordinate with others, was intent on disrupting Congress, and was prepared and had the desire and ability for political violence. He possessed some of the deadliest unregistered firearms and explosives on Jan. 6th., but was arrested before the mob assault began due to a lucky break when weapons were spotted in his truck. More weapons and other evidence were found at Coffman’s home, and the court has ruled him to be a public danger and flight risk.

Cruz should count his lucky stars he wasn’t available when Coffman gave up looking for him and called Cruz’s office on December 11th, and was arrested Jan. 6th. Cruz’s staff said he “did not seem threatening” but seemed “unbalanced” and “not 100% there,” deeming his comments “odd enough to record.”

Coffman wanted to arrange a meeting with Cruz, but was referred to the scheduler’s email by Cruz’s staff. He also wanted contact info for Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh. Coffman described himself as friend who wanted to help with the election fraud.


Retrumplicans should think twice about what they’re putting out into the world and who they are attracting, since they obviously don’t care about democracy or the danger they’re causing for everyone else.

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