This alone should get Tucker Carlson canceled

I have seen, from Palmer report readers, a sort of frustration that the GOP does not hold their own accountable. I believe they used to. But things have changed, and denials and smug non-apologies seem to be the way of the world for most Republicans. It is getting worse in that regard.

The latest GOP member I am about to call out isn’t in Congress. His psychotic mug is featured on television nightly, where he sneers, makes faces, and does everything humanly possible to show the world what an asshole he is.

Tucker Carlson is his name. I have been saying for quite a while that the horrible little man will at some point be canceled. I still believe that, but I must admit that what he did this week should have been enough to happen.

It was barely even talked about, which gave me an odious feeling because the last thing we want is to normalize this jerk.

When the American terrorists stormed the Capitol on January 6th, it left many with severe PTSD. And even now, many are struggling. One of those people is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

In an interview with Dana Bash of CNN, AOC admitted that she feared sexual assault from the terrorists.

For some reason, this interview drove Tucker crazy. Because on his show the other night, he proceeded to mock her mercilessly.

Referring to her as “Sandy” and dripping contempt, Carlson proceeded to say this:

“Get a therapist, honey. This is crazy.”

“Sexualizing the violence? I was going to be raped by Ashli Babbit?” Tucker laughed.

It made me sick, and the fact that this is not part of the top two or three stories all over television is also bothering me.


I do believe Tucker has stepped over the line with these comments. I have a goal for 2021: to do everything humanly possible to get this cretin off the air. Tucker is a money-making machine for the heartless corporation, but he can be canceled with enough outcry. But people have to be aware of the stories before they can act in any way.

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