Things just got even uglier for MyPillow guy Mike Lindell

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is not having an easy time of it these days. The chastised CEO has been banned from Twitter, rightfully so, since he seemingly cannot stop with his deranged hate speech and conspiracy theories. And now the bitter CEO is pretty pissed – but not at Democrats.

Apparently, Lindell is angry because he was kicked out of a meeting of the Republican Governors Association. Well, this would make sense since Lindell is, ahem, not a Governor. But the CEO is not happy about his exile, and he is speaking out about it.

Lindell claims he was invited to this event which took place at the JW Marriot Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Lindell evidently wanted to confront certain Republican Governors such as Governor Doug Ducey (Arizona) and Brian Kemp (Georgia).

Lindell wanted to confront them because he feels they are being “obstructionist” in the 2020 election. Of course, the 2020 election is over, and the former guy is in exile and soon to be heading for prison. However, logic and Lindell do not go hand in hand.

However, when Lindell arrived at the hotel, he was turned away and asked to leave the embittered Lindell claims. “They were probably afraid I was going to ask them questions “Why are you doing these things to your state?” Lindell said.

Lindell is clearly in denial. If indeed his statements are factual, it is more than likely, he was asked to leave because of his hate speech. Lindell is very much complicit in spreading the big lie and maybe a bit too loopy for even Republican Governors to deal with.

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