These Trump loons are even further gone than we thought

A few days back the newest Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds aired its first episode. During the episode Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) showed an alien world what Earth’s 21st century was like and how an American Second Civil War turned into a Third World War that rendered hundreds of thousands of animal species extinct and killed over 30% of the planet’s population. Part of the footage shown was of the January 6 terrorist attack in DC, and heavily implied that was the start of the Second US Civil War.

Mount defendedf the use of the footage and said CBS, Paramount+, Secret Hideout, and Roddenberry Entertainment were totally on board with what the show wanted to do. Over the past sixty years Star Trek has always tried to be relevant and relay a message of hope and how humanity had to come together to survive and thrive. Show runner Henry Alonso Myers also pointed out there’s a lot of conflict right now and that conflicts like the ones Orange F—k Face (OFF) followers and the likes of Putin are stirring up could easily lead to the destruction shown in the episode.

Of course, basement dwelling Branch Trumpvidians don’t see it that way. They’re engaged in full on whataboutism and whining about how “woke” Star Trek has become. News flash. Star Trek has always been “woke.” It’s always confronted current issues head on. And now Star Trek is confronting the violence that could lead to the destruction the aliens on that show got to see. Because the show is calling out OFF and his supporters who tried to carry out a coup their feelings are hurt, and I’ll leave it to your imaginations what I think of their whining now.

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