These right wing loons are more out of control than ever

A CNN survey finds that 36% of Americans don’t think Biden legitimately got sufficient votes to win last November. That means that most people believe there was no election fraud in the November 2020 election. But about one-third of the people think there was election fraud in last year’s election. However, those same people are mostly Republicans who intend to vote Republican in future elections. However, these same people are a high percentage of our voters, and this could be very dangerous for our country.

The Republicans have adopted election fraud as a slogan, demonstrating that they are only the anti-democracy party. They have abandoned policies in favor of watchwords and knowing nods. While I think we need a two-party system, they are treading very close to becoming irrelevant and impossible. They only believe in the Constitution of the United States if it is used to rubber-stamp their philosophy.

Amy Coney Barrett said that the Supreme Court decides cases based on their legal reasoning, however, the Conservatives on the court tending to vote in a bloc on several issues belies this claim. It is rare that a Conservative justice vote with the Liberal justices. While Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts have recently crossed the line and voted with the Liberals on two minor cases, only John Roberts has voted with the Liberals on a major case.

When countries are persuaded by anti-democracy political positions, they tend to turn to a one-party government. Unwinding from a dictatorship is usually messy. Worse, if the political philosophy fails to persuade the rest of the population, unwinding is also usually messy. Going to the brink of such a political divide does nothing to alleviate peoples’ anger or dissatisfaction.


It would be best if the Republicans re-evaluate their Trumpism themselves and decide that the party positions need to change.

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