These Republican idiots are doing us a 2022 favor

Remember when the GOP trotted out craziness like ‘cancelling Dr Suess’ and tore their hair over Mr Potatohead’s plastic penis to cover the fact that they had nothing in the policy cupboard?

Remember when Marjorie Taylor-Greene went out on the proverbial limb with a chain-saw, spouting utter lunacy about ‘Jewish Space Lasers’ a line that has become a staple of Late-night comedians and meme-makers on FaceBook?

Remember Fruity Rudy Ghouliani booking a landscaping company in a run-down strip mall, then leaking motor-oil from his temples while screaming to the heavens about voter fraud?

Strolls through the memory garden like this are delightful as a counter-weight to, say, the senseless recalcitrance of Joe Manchin.

It was gratifying to smirk at the prideful stupidity on display by the GOP, especially after four years of Mr Drumpf’s Wild Ride.

Well, the wild, drunken ride goes on and we’re locked in the trunk; insurrection attempts, grand juries, leaked, incriminating phone calls, attempts to thwart justice by the Attorney General and gag orders about digging dirt on political opponents, to name but a few.

And the cancerous clown show which is the GOP has not failed to deliver with even more outrageous shenanigans and displays of laughable ignorance and whimsy.

To wit: ‘Screwy’ Louie Gohmert, often cited as Congress’s most notable ignoramus, returned to re-establish himself as the lead clown after being over-shadowed by the Pennywise of the House, MJT. Louie asked the U.S. Forest Service, whether they or BLM can “change the course of the moon’s orbit or the Earth’s orbit around the sun” to counter Climate Change (!).

Yes, he did. Some advised that Louie was trying to be ironic, though irony is not remotely in Louie’s wheelhouse. Treasure these ludicrous faux pas by the GOP and keep them in mind in 2022.

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