The Sedition Caucus doesn’t have a leg to stand on

Republican Senators in the powerful Sedition Caucus appear poised to give Trump a free pass on inciting insurrection aimed at their very own seat of power. Apparently 15 such Senators violated their oaths as jurors in the Trump Impeachment Trial, refusing to attend yesterday’s hearing. Later, 3 members openly acknowledged conspiring with Trump’s Defense Team on their presentation in the trial where the three serve as jurors.

These traitorous “lawmakers” have no problem with Donald Trump spending months whipping his base into a frenzy with baseless lies that the election was rigged – stolen from him through massive fraud perpetrated by Republican and Democratic election officials throughout the country. Nor are they troubled that Trump unleashed an angry mob, whose rage he stoked, to storm the Capitol in a vain attempt to stop Congress from fulfilling its Constitutional duty to certify electoral votes in the 2020 Presidential election. That Trump’s mob desecrated the temple of democracy and caused deaths and severe injuries to police and others concerns them not in the slightest.


So what if President Biden worked his base into a frenzy by saying Republicans are threatening the very existence of the country and endangering our American way of life by failing to carry out their constitutional duty in this impeachment vote. The people can’t let this vote be stolen from them, so they need to come to Washington on the day the Senate votes, so they can take back Congress for the people. What if Biden addressed them in a rally, specifically calling out the most egregious enemies of the people – Hawley, Cruz, Graham, Paul, Lee, etc. – and told the crowd these Senators need to “get the message,” which will only happen if the mob fights like hell? Biden would obviously be guilty, so Trump is obviously guilty.

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