The scandal that’s defined the Republican Party

The majority of the American electorate doesn’t want what the GOP is trying to sell. There are no guiding principles or morals in today’s conservatism, apart from conserving power and wealth for a few, and actively working towards a feudalistic society. Republicans use whiteness and a corrupt relationship with evangelicalism as their main motivators to people who are susceptible to right-wing, regressive thinking. Losing the presidency and control of the Senate this past election cycle means the GOP is ramping up efforts to disenfranchise those of us disinclined to vote for the QAnon party.

Georgia Republicans plan on leading the way in voter suppression in upcoming elections, and it’s certain other GOP-controlled states will copy Georgia. There’s a lot happening in the news right now, but we can’t be so distracted that we allow the GOP to make it even harder for us, and particularly Georgians, to cast ballots. Georgia Republicans have unleashed their “Election Confidence Task Force,” which is just a misnamed Trumpian effort to disenfranchise us.

Among the egregious things Georgia Republicans seek to do are modify the “motor voter” law so voters aren’t automatically registered to vote when they engage with the Georgia Department of Driver Services, require witness signatures to vote by mail, require photo identification just to request an absentee ballot, eliminate mail ballot drop boxes, penalize get-out-the-vote groups who encourage voting by mail, and give the Georgia Supreme Court original jurisdiction on challenges to the presidential election. Attorney Marc Elias says “If Georgia Republicans think that they are going to restrict the franchise and roll back voting rights, and particularly do so in a way that is targeted at Black, brown, and young voters, they have another thing coming. We will see them in court. And we will win.” Let’s remain vigilant.

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