The Republican Party clown car goes off a cliff

In the race to the bottom, Republicans have a never-ending supply of scumbags – and they’re all in it for the long haul. Just when you think one of them has sped ahead for good, out pops another one who says or does something even more outrageous.

Josh Hawley claims he’s being censored by Big Tech and airs his grievance on Twitter, from his iPhone, while extolling how well his book is doing on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Ted Cruz then pops up to blatantly lie, falsely claiming that Democratic election reform proposals are intended to register illegal immigrants to vote.

Rand Paul decides to get into another debate with Dr. Fauci to say that everybody should just be irresponsible like Paul.

Andrew Clyde says the January 6 Capitol Insurrection was just a normal tourist day at the Capitol.

Louie Gohmert says it is wrong and unfair to call it an armed insurrection.

Paul Gosar claimed Capitol Police “executed” a rioter who tried to break into the House Chamber.

Jody Hice claimed Officer Brian Sicknick did not die in the line of duty from defending the Capitol.

Kevin McCarthy says that he didn’t hear Hice’s remarks, but implied that the fact that Clyde had just participated with McCarthy in a stunt supposedly showing support for the police proves . . . something.

Stefanik says she is Trumpier than Liz Cheney, despite her voting record.

Steve Scalise, #2 in House Republican leadership, revealed the Republican credo: “It’s not about right and wrong.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’s got to stop AOC’s “socialist agenda,” but tacitly acknowledges that she’s kinda obsessed with her. She apparently believes even stalkers have rights – and they need to have guns.


Not to be outdone, Lauren Boebert tweets inanely that the very temporary gas shortage in the East Coast, due to a Russian hack of the Colonial Pipeline is President Biden’s fault. And for good measure, demonstrates a total lack understanding of HIPAA laws with respect to COVID vaccinations. Tune in next week for a new round of Republican Wack-A-Hole.

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