The real shame of it

Over the past couple months, the Delta variant of COVID-19 has filled up hospitals with unvaccinated people, many of whom could have received the vaccine but refused to do so, and who also refuse to take any precautions while stocking up on horse medicine because some Facebook doctor told them to take that if they get sick. Some are there because of no fault of their own, but so many others could have avoided all this and avoided bringing our health care systems to its knees.

This idiocy has already cost one veteran in Texas his life for a completely treatable condition when an ICU bed was nowhere to be found due to all the COVID patients. A man from eastern Nebraska died in a hospital over 200 miles from home in Des Moines when doctors in Auburn, Nebraska were unable to find any beds any closer. This was a man who had been fully vaccinated, BTW.

And now, there’s news that Idaho is considering rationing health care due to be overwhelmed by COVID patients. Idaho health officials have “activated crisis standards of care” which will allow medical professionals to ration care if needed. Idaho is not the only state moving towards rationing care. Hawaii’s Governor David Ige signed an order releasing medical professionals and facilities from liability if they feel the need to ration care.

The hell of it is that none of this had to happen. We would not be at this point if not for people actively refusing to be vaccinated or taking precautions, or Governors like DeSantis, CovidKim, or Abbott doing their best to hobble the response to COVID-19 to appease the Orange Florida Man and has Branch Trumpvidian supporters. It makes me angry that we have to go through something that is so unnecessary.

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