The real reason the GOP acquitted Trump

Disgraced Ex-President Trump faced his second impeachment trial in a year, and over the weekend was acquitted with only seven GOP senators out of fifty voting to convict. That is just fourteen percent of Republican senators voting to convict a man of inciting an attack on the Capitol and our democracy. He was not acquitted because House managers didn’t prove their case. He was not acquitted because House managers and the Democrats failed to provide witnesses after winning a vote allowing them to call witnesses. Trump was acquitted because 43 senators are just as guilty as Trump.

If the GOP voted to hold Trump accountable then they were admitting that they too should be held accountable for an insurrection against the United States. And not just Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, both of whom actively egged on the mob that attacked the Capitol. No, all of them are accountable. The GOP was complicit for four years.

Parroting lies. Spreading propaganda. And worst of all spreading conspiracy theories about a stolen election all at the behest of Trump.


They didn’t do it for Trump. They did it for themselves. They did it so they could stay in office. They did it so they wouldn’t be primaried. They did it so they could still call themselves Congressman, Congresswoman or Senator after their next election. They put party over country. But most of all they weren’t willing to hold themselves accountable and stand up for what is right and democratic. They are cowards and history will remember them as such.

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