The pendulum is swinging against Greg Abbott

It is always interesting to observe history. History can tell us so much — as long as we are able to listen. And as I’ve said before, so much of history is encompassed in the pendulum. Depending on how it is swinging, it can feel like the pendulum is our biggest friend or worst enemy.

But that is not necessarily the case. The pendulum can show us things. It can educate us. We have to be open to it. But if we are, we can actually learn from it. The pendulum is timeless. It has been around since the beginning, and it will be here long after we’re gone. It is endless. And many have underestimated it. Politicians are consistently underestimating the pendulum.

Take Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott doesn’t get the pendulum. He doesn’t understand it, which is why he finds himself in the position he’s in. Governor Abbott’s approval rating is plunging downward. Once very much liked by his people, he seems to be despised now by many.

Here is the evidence which speaks for itself:

The Texas Politics Project has come out with new polling. Abbott’s approval is at its lowest ever, with just 41% of Texans approving.

You may be saying to yourself: “That’s still too high!” And it is. But this IS Texas, and at one point, Abbott’s approval was sky-high. This poll does not stand alone as other polls lately have suggested the adoration for the Texas Governor was fading.

In the same poll, More than 50 percent of Texans are fed up and say the state is heading in the wrong direction. So, why is this happening? And what does it tell us? I believe it tells us a story of narcissism.

Abbott may have thought he was untouchable. So, he went off the rails a bit. He did not do nearly enough to fight COVID and made it worse. And with this despicable abortion law, one should expect to see his numbers fall even more. He is beatable in 2022.

Abbott got presumptuous and overconfident. He ignored the pendulum, always quietly waiting in the wings, to swing in a different direction.

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