The new Republican big lie

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That quote is often attributed to Joseph Goebbels. The original description of the big lie appeared in ‘Mein Kampf.’

Now, before we descend further into the Godwin’s Law, (Reductio ad Hitlerum), let’s pull back a bit for context. The GQP have taken the ‘Big Lie’ doctrine to a new stage. It’s gone from the ‘Big Lie’ to incorporating ‘Little Lies’ or cuts by a thousand mistruths.

Dr Suess, Mr Potatohead, Pepé Le Pew, the Cancel Culture in general, (It is to laugh!), the preposterous assertion that Biden’s Green New Deal will ban red meat and most recently, the charge that VP Harris is profiting from children in cages by selling them a book.

The list is much longer and more tedious and can be affixed to the ‘Bigger Lie’ such as ‘The Orange Demiurge won the election he lost’ and that ‘masks are a vile and pernicious attack on personal liberty.’ Add to the ‘Big Lie(s)’ that the January 6th insurrection was only a few patriots strolling through the Rotunda and not an armed insurrection intent on undermining the Republic.

The GQP tactic here is one of attrition; overwhelm the senses and the defenses much as the Russians sent wave after wave of unarmed troops against machine-gun emplacements. Little Lies are far more expendable and easier to replenish than peasants from Minsk.

We must not resign ourselves to accepting or fretting over every lie – every small laceration – that the GOP inflict in a futile effort to bring scandal upon the Biden administration. We withstood the onslaught of nonsense which marked the reign of the Master of Mar-A-Lago and we must stand steadfast against the GQP’s daily flood of gobbledygook and hogwash.

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