The Matt Gaetz earthquake

Matt Gaetz (Insurrection party-Florida) seems unable to stay out of the news. This is not surprising because since the nasty allegations about him surfaced, Gaetz has not seemed to be able to stop talking. Foolish things like penning crazy Op-eds and going on Fox Entertainment (Fox News) seem to be becoming everyday things for the sleazy congressman.

And now Gaetz is becoming the subject of late-night jokes. This is most likely not what the frantic Floridian wants, but like the Rolling Stones say, “you can’t always get what you want.”

So, Stephen Colbert, late-night host and one of the wittiest people on television, decided to weigh in about all this week. Colbert dubbed the sordid story “Gaetz-Gaete.”

Colbert then discussed the allegations that Gaetz took ecstasy with Joel Greenberg at hotel rooms with women. “Now, if you’re unfamiliar with ecstasy, it’s the feeling you get when you hear bad news about Matt Gaetz,” the comedian said.

Colbert also marveled at the stupidity of the congressman. “How dumb is Matt Gaetz?” Colbert said. Colbert also joked about “mandatory sexual harassment training” and said those are for Matt Gaetz. It was pretty funny. Scratch that. It was utterly hysterical. And there will be more where that came from for the embittered Gaetz.


Politico and other news outlets have reported that the Congressman’s aides sent videos of their boss acting like a buffoon to other Republicans. These videos are reportedly not connected to the FBI investigation of Gaetz. But it is most likely only a matter of time until these videos surface. It looks like the “drip, drip” that Gaetz mentioned in his Op-ed is turning into a bit of an earthquake.

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