The MAGA crowd is losing it

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the GQP/MAGA Party is the deeply rooted cognitive dissonance on which its vapid, vague but hateful ideology is based.

That there are any examples of GQP/MAGA mutts acting hypocritically are legion. They despise gun regulations but want to restrictively regulate voting. They balk at helping the common working citizen yet gush at the chance to be benefactors of the rich. They utilize modern technology yet express distrust of science. The list is long and offensive to anyone of clear intellect.

The primary cognitive dissonance, however – the core concept which the MAGA-maniacs refuse to see – is the dichotomy between their espousing the love of ‘freedom’ from government intervention and their striving towards establishing a dictator.

They clamor and bleat for states’ rights, a libertarian society freed from regulatory agencies, licenses and certifications, yet at the same time, they march and riot for fascistic causes such as white nationalism, voter suppression and most egregiously, the nullification of the 2020 presidential election.

At the core, Q-A-ninnies and their ilk shriek ‘Don’t take my gun!’ while screaming ‘Take their vote!’. (Or ‘Lock her/him up!’) They, as a group, fail to comprehend that a democracy does not work if a portion of the population is endowed with an elite status. There can be no democracy if white nationalism steers national policy. (e,g, The Confederate States were not democratic or free. ) There can be no democracy if the rule of law does not apply in the same way to all people. (e.g. Chanting ‘Lock her up!’ is not a part of ‘due process’.)

Yet, what the GQP/MAGA Party want – for there are only ragged scraps remaining of what used to be the GOP – is for the Constitution to be carefully redacted so that ‘All Men Are Created Equal’ goes under an opaque line. They would also redact the parts that limit the power of the president. They would redact the clauses that pertain to the transfer of power from one presidential administration to another. More specifically, the GQP/MAGA Party want Donald J. Trump to remain president-for-life.; a dynasty of Trumps, in fact.

What the ammosexuals such as the Boogie Boies, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Patriot Front and the Q-crew want is ‘freedom’ ™ from government for themselves. For all others, though, they want Big Brother/3rd Reich oppression. And they want their Orange Caesar, of course.

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