The list just keeps growing

Republicans like Turtle McConnell know it’s not good for the GOP to be rehashing the 2020 Election of Joe Biden as President. He would love to move past the ‘Stop the Steal’ nonsense because he knows there was NO FRAUD in the election process. A certain ‘sore loser’ can’t give up the ghost. I will leave him nameless. McConnell would like to focus on what he sees as the ‘terrible job Joe Biden has been doing’….even though it hasn’t been a terrible job that Joe Biden has been doing.

Republicans think GOP presidents when in office can do no wrong, and every Democratic president does everything wrong….let’s be clear.

Democrats shouldn’t want to be constantly discussing the NON-FRAUDULENT win of Joe Biden and they should leave the discussion in the hands of the 1/6 Committee. What Democrats and all Democratic supporters need to be stressing is the ACCOMPLISHMENTS done by Joe Biden. If you want to throw in a little bit about the disastrous situation the country was facing that greeted Biden as he entered office – go ahead.

Here is a short list:

– Initial unemployment claims has dropped tremendously.

– The unemployment rate is down from 6.4 to 4%

– There was a LOSS of jobs in TheFormerGuy’s last year of 9.4% and then a 6.4% of job creation rate during Biden’s first year or over a 15% swing in the positive direction. (In both years we had Covid headaches to deal with).

– The $1.9 trillion Covid relief deal.

– The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, when all TheFormerGuy could talk about was ‘having Infrastructure Week’, week after week.

– More and more people getting vaccinated each week

– Getting federal judges appointed and confirmed.

– GDP grew 5.7% the largest single year rate in 40 years.


Let’s talk about the Progress Biden has made.

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