The last person in the room

One of the questions from the interviewer during CNN’s town hall last night was about Joe Biden living in the White House. Biden said he had been at the White House during seven different presidential terms. But this time it is different because he is now living at the White House. Biden is a humble man and is not used to having staff to see to his needs.

Biden is now the last person in the room. He has visited the White House in the past. But this is the first time when he is being advised and then making the final decisions. In other administrations, after he left the room, he hoped that the occupant made the right decision for the American people. Now he is the person being advised, and he is the person who is living at the White House. He is the last person in the room and trying to make the right decisions for the American people.

Biden is very mindful of the history of the White House. He has talked to all but one of the former Presidents. Guess which former President has not called.

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