The January 6th Committee is coming up aces

Do you ever wonder about fate? I do. There are those that believe fate is written in the stars. These individuals may gaze at the stars, twinkling and shining above and think that our futures have already been carved out for us, and we are powerless to change fate. There are also those that think otherwise. These folks believe in free will. They believe we are free to change our futures, thus altering our fates through the powers of our own choices. What do you believe?

Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney would seem to have changed their fates. What I mean by that is that the GOP do seem destined for future historians to view them with distaste and even horror for their treachery.

Perhaps it was always destined to be so, but I believe they had the free will to change that. Cheney and Kinzinger did so. They were courageous enough to break away. They changed their futures in so doing. Now their committee is ready with subpoenas.

Subpoenas have gone out to: Steve Bannon. Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Kash Patel, formerly of the Defense Department. Daniel Scavino, who is the former Deputy Chief of Staff for White House Communications under the wicked one.


Here we go on the roller coaster. So get ready. The committee is doing its job. And two of its members are individuals who chose bravery over cowardice, and in doing so, showed we are all the makers of our own unique destinies.

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