The Handmaid’s Tale is playing out in Texas right now


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There are certain books that give one chills. These books talk of a different society than the one we are used to living in. There is, of course, the classic “1984.” There is also a deeply disturbing and incredibly written book called “The handmaid’s tale.”

Handmaid’s tale tells of a world ruled by men. It tells of a world where women are reduced to human property, unable to make even the slightest decision, and debased and abused with horrific regularity. It could never happen here, many thought, as they read. Except it sort of has. The handmaid’s tale has arrived in Texas.

Passed by the good ole Texas legislature, a new provision would turn human beings everywhere into bounty hunters-against women. I speak specifically about women who were going to have abortions.

This provision would allow anyone–in fact, to encourage anyone–to turn the women in. The way they would do that is to sue the woman–or anyone who helped her obtain an abortion.

Texas has blatantly offered 10,000 to these individuals if they sue and the lawsuits are successful. Besides the women getting the abortions, they can sue ANYONE who helps her–this would include friends, family, and confidantes she may have had discussions with.

It would include Uber drivers or cab drivers, or ANYONE who drove her to the clinic. Clergy could also be sued. This would take effect in September.

Luckily, this vile piece of legislation is being challenged in court. But I want to emphasize the danger here. This bill would pit neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, stranger against stranger.

Many would say this wasn’t the intention of the bill. That is certainly what some GOP members would say. They would be lying.


The insurrection party does not WANT us all united. In their world of hate, it’s best if people are at each other’s throats all the time. The politics of hate has worked well for some of them. I doubt it will hold up, but it will not be the last time they try. We need to continue fighting with everything we’ve got.


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