The GOP never got the memo

As this great country gets ready for the first hearings about January 6th, a strange lethargy is sweeping the GOP. No longer do we see vibrancy from the Grand Old Party. No longer do we see policy proposals.

These days, we barely see the GOP at all unless they are angry about something. When we do see them, they are red-faced, wailing and perturbed at everything.

The Grand Old Party has fallen hard. They have fallen because of their wish for power. Power and money are two of the deadliest weapons in politics. For the Republicans, their fervent wish to retain and keep power has penetrated their psyches, leaving them empty shells of the people they once were.

In Mythological times, there was a king named Midas. Midas had it all. But it wasn’t enough. When a God granted King Midas a wish, he asked that everything he touched is turned into gold. Midas did indeed get his wish. And at first, it was great. His kingdom glittered in gold. Fragrant flowers were now golden and brimmed with radiance. Midas attained more wealth and power.

But things went bad rather quickly. Midas could no longer eat and drink because that food and drink were gold. He could not enjoy simple pleasures anymore. Gold was everywhere, obliterating his sanity. Eventually, his daughter was turned into gold.

Midas was lucky – he begged his God for another chance and got it. His daughter was restored to him. The natural beauty of his palace and the flowers that bloomed, were restored to him. And he became a much more humble and virtuous man.


Sadly, the GOP never got the Midas memo. Lust for power has made them cling to an insane insurrectionist whom they know to be evil. But now, they have bound themselves to him. The GOP has fallen. Until they learn the lesson of humility, they will be unable to attain their second chance.

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