The GOP is breaking itself while trying to break Joe Biden

There is a storm brewing, and its name is the GOP. The GOP has a problem, and it’s a big one. And it is driving them crazy. That problem is President Joe Biden. The public loves him. His popularity is off the charts. But most importantly, he is proving to be Teflon-just like they thought Trump was.

Nothing is seemingly sticking to Biden to dampen his popularity. The GOP has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him. They have spread more falsities than one can even believe.

The GOP has called Biden “too woke.” They have tried to paint his border policies as being a disaster. They have shrieked he hates Mr. Potato Head. They have implied he will deny the American People their right to Hamburgers. You get the picture.

But nothing seems to be working. Biden’s numbers are sky-high. All the insults are bouncing off him. What’s a psychotic GOP member to do? I will admit I find the hysteria of the GOP rather amusing. And their desperation is becoming more and more clunky as they frantically cast around for anything to bring down Biden’s numbers.


Biden’s speech will give them no hope of that. The reviews are in, and people loved him. Biden, so far, has done most everything right and very little wrong. And it is driving the GOP insane.

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