The “F— Joe Biden” crowd isn’t helping itself with this

Chanting “F— Joe Biden!” has become a popular pastime of the “family values”/”don’t mix politics with sports” crowds at American stadiums, beginning with college football fans in the South, and spreading to a NASCAR race in Alabama, and more strikingly, at a New York Jets game in the Meadowlands in New Jersey, a Yankees-Mets game in NYC, and the Ryder Cup golf match in Wisconsin (“Quiet Please”).

What has got the masses riled up so much that they feel compelled and entitled to voice their displeasure so vehemently and vilely against the President of the United States? Did he unleash a mob on the Capitol to try to overturn an election and prevent the peaceful transfer of power that has been a hallmark of our nation since Washington handed over the keys for the government to John Adams?

Did he attack large segments of our population with vitriolic epithets and spur violence against the most vulnerable in our society? Did he use the Presidency to bilk the federal government of millions of dollars by billing the Secret Service that protected him at his own properties, tie foreign policy to his family’s personal enrichment, or give government positions – and top secret clearances — to unqualified family members?

No. Biden’s “sin” that has unleashed such fury against him is that he is taking actions to protect the health and safety of Americans. He announced vaccine mandates for large categories of American workers in order to bring the COVID-19 pandemic, with its surging variants, under control. This has apparently offended the “I did my own research” crowd to no end.

In Brooklyn, an angry mob outside the NYC Department of Education office used the chant to protest the City’s deadline of October 1 for teachers to be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Apparently, they objected to the fact that teachers weren’t being given free reign to infect schoolchildren under age 12 (who can’t be vaccinated) with the deadly virus.
Imagine how warped your priorities must be to not give a Flying F about the health of people in your community, and to be so enraged at a leader who does, that you feel compelled to scream obscenities about him. Vaccines to protect public health have long been commonplace in America. They are not some new, socialist liberal plot to control everybody or deprive them of their liberties. They promote the common good.

What is infuriating is that those who protest the vaccine mandates are often the ones who protest most loudly against lockdowns or mask mandates, which would be much less necessary if a higher percentage of Americans got the vaccine. Of course, there is no reasoning with anti-vaxxers. If they were susceptible to reason, they would already be vaccinated.

As for Joe Biden being pilloried for trying to promote public health, at least he knows he is doing the right thing. And, if he wants to own the conservatives, while ensuring his own reelection, he could legally change his name before the 2024 election, so he appears on the ballot as F. Joe Biden. He won’t lose any of his own supporters, who will always vote for Biden, and he’ll gain the votes of millions of anti-vaxxers who’d love to brag that they cast their ballots to “F. Joe Biden.”

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