The deafening Matt Gaetz silence

Any profiler would have a field day with one Matt “I didn’t do it” Gaetz. There is much to be analyzed there. But it is also others around him who are becoming objects of curiosity.

I am speaking of the silence of the lambs. In this case, the lambs are all the self-righteous and prissy Republicans who, for years, have lectured about moral superiority and family values. Bill Clinton, of course, has been one of their targets. So have many other Democrats.

But the GOP Lambs are strangely silent on Mr. Gaetz. It is almost like the cat not only has their tongues but has them and has thrown them away. The silence is resonating, and people are beginning to talk. And what they are saying is, where are the Republicans on this?

Gaetz has been accused of many disgusting things, including sharing nude pictures on the House of Representatives floor. Not precisely family values. But we have not heard a peep from the GOP.

And it is going to get worse. These things always do. Anyone Remember Anthony Weiner (AKA Carlos Danger?) Weiner’s behavior was despicable, and he did pay for it with time behind bars, and his political career is over.

It would be nice if the Republicans could find their souls, but it might be challenging to find what doesn’t exist. This silence cannot go on much longer. The lambs are obviously hoping to stay out of it, but that’s not how politics works, and they know it.


At some point, they will have to decide whether to break from the pack and come out against Gaetz or stay with the sheep and stand with him. It is not a tough decision for anyone with a conscience. It is going to be a very tough decision for the GOP.

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