The bizarre voicemail involving Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz

The words “strange” and “weird” seem to be becoming synonymous with Matt Gaetz’s name. And that is not very much of a surprise. But one person using those words stands out: Anna Eskamani. Who is she, and how is she connected to one Matt Gaetz?

Anna is a Florida State representative. And she had some dealings with Mr. Gaetz, which were on the strange side. (There’s that word again!). According to her Twitter feed, on July 4th, 2019, Anna received a voicemail from Gaetz AND his apparent partner in crime, Joel Greenberg. This was quite odd in itself because Anna did not know Gaetz well and was not on particularly great terms with him.

And she was not on good terms with Greenburg either since she had called for his resignation after he posted anti-Islamic posts on Facebook. Anna had called for Greenberg’s resignation. The voicemail was baffling. Here it is in its entirety:

Greenberg: “My dear Anna, this is your favorite tax collector. I’m up in the Panhandle with your favorite U.S. congressman Mr. Gaetz.

Gaetz: “Hi Anna.”

Greenberg: “And uh, we were just chatting about you and your lovely qualities, and your…”

Gaetz: “… We think you’re the future of the Democratic Party in Florida!”

Greenberg: “See, I know you’re the future of it, there’s no thinking involved. Anyway, uh, if you get this and you feel like chatting, give me a shout back. Hope you’re well. Hope you had a nice Fourth, later.”

The voicemail lasted only about 27 seconds but is still long enough to give one the creeps. I do not know the intent, but I highly doubt they were extending an olive branch of friendship. Anna also said Greenberg had pushed her into having lunch with him at one point where he appeared, to Anna, to be high the entire time. We wish the “favorite Tax collector” luck in prison.

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