The Arizona election “audit” just became even more bonkers insane

The Arizona vote “audit” is one of the more insane things happening in politics lately. And more and more people are beginning to realize that fact.

Maricopa County Elections Recorder Stephen Richer has now come out against the former guy. Richer called the insurrectionist “unhinged.” He also pleaded with other GOP members to stop indulging and mollycoddling the former guys’ demented accusations.

“We can’t indulge these insane lies any longer. As a party. As a state. As a country,” said Richer in a tweet.

And it is not just Richer. More and more Republicans are now openly calling for either dramatic changes to the GOP platform or forming a third party.

It is nice to see that some GOP members have not checked their sanity at the door. However, the fact remains that many in the GOP are pitifully clinging to Trump.

I feel there is a battle brewing in the GOP right now. This battle is, for now, relatively quiet. But all of what is happening signals an incoming explosion. You cannot have two warring factions in the same party and not expect matters to come to a head.

And I think it will be sooner rather than later. I cannot say if a third party will happen, and there would undoubtedly be many difficulties for any such party.

But what I do know is, like all battles, this one has the potential to be a calamity. Think about it. Right now, the “insurrection” caucus and the “anti Trumpers” despise each other. As time marches on and the mid-terms become the focus, these two groups move ever closer to open warfare


And whatever happens, will impact the GOP in ways that will forever change the party. Let’s hope the right side wins.

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