Thank you Jim Acosta

Throughout history, our world has been defined by courage. Courage and heroism have lived through history and deeply trying times, and when courage blossoms, there are no limits. Many centuries ago, when Queen Cleopatra ruled Egypt, she was forced off her throne and had to flee and seek exile. But she never gave up.

She arranged to have herself smuggled back into the palace, wrapped in a red carpet. At the time, the conqueror, Julius Caesar, was a guest at the palace. Her plan worked. The carpet was presented to Caesar as a gift. And it was spun open. It spun, and it turned — revealing the majestic Queen herself.

Dazzled by her courage, Caesar took up her cause, restoring the mighty Queen to her rightful throne. Courage is not for the faint of heart. Being courageous means one must also be audacious — and fearless. This week we witnessed a specific reporter who showed courage in calling out certain Republicans for what they are. No “both sides” here. No pussyfooting around as so many have done. That person is Jim Acosta.

The CNN reporter ripped into Fox Non-News and Tucker Carlson this week. And he told it like it was. Fox and particularly Tucker have been relentless in installing terror in their viewers about Afghan refugees daring to come to our wonderful country. Acosta, however, was not having it.

“It’s the far right, not Afghan refugees, posting a threat to democracy,” Acosta said. Acosta proceeded to label Tucker a “human manure spreader.” I must tip my hat to him.

The description is crass — with good reason — Fox is the epitome of crass. With their sleazy fear tactics and open racism, watching their take-down by Acosta was indeed glorious.

We all need courage. There will be struggles in the upcoming years — like Cleopatra, so many centuries ago, like great heroes and activists like Martin Luther King Jr., like the few fearless reporters in our midst — we need to be proud, courageous, and in fight mode. America’s future depends on it. Thank you, Jim Acosta, for speaking truth.

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