Texas Democrats come out swinging

They’re not playing. I am referring to the Texas Democrats. According to reports, these Texan warriors have a plan. This all has to do with the horrible voter suppression legislation in Texas.

The insurrection party is trying to get this garbage passed in a special session of the Texan legislature. Only they may have to do it without a quorum because the Democrats are not planning to be there.

Even as I write this, they may be on their way. These patriots plan to fly to Washington, D.C. Democrats know the odds. They also know they risk arrest. But they are doing it anyway. (Good trouble.)

The Texas constitution requires a quorum which consists of two-thirds of lawmakers. So, we will see where this goes. I applaud these Democrats for sending a powerful message – and that message seems to be: we’ve had enough.

Of course, the GOP will fight back. Expect to hear howls of pretend indignation. Expect these Democrats to be called vile names. It really doesn’t matter though.

They are doing what most in the GOP cannot and will not do. They are showing courage. They are spitting in the face of cowardice.

They are doing the right thing – for themselves, for our great country, and for democracy. Once in the future 51st state, the Democrats plan to rally for voting rights.

It seems like just about every day now is a bad day for the GOP. But this is indeed what happens to cowards who try to undermine our nation. Kudos to our friends in Texas for not taking any crap and for showing how deeply voting rights for all the people means to them.

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