Ted Cruz just made a huge mistake

Senator Ted Cruz is a national disgrace. This is nothing we did not already know, but he went out of his way to prove it this week. As Texas faces life-threatening challenges, the not-so-good Senator thought now would be an excellent time for some fun in the sun in Mexico. Choosing to abandon the good people of Texas, Cruz jetted off to paradise.

It did not take long for the media to catch wind of this. At first, the story was so far out many did not even believe it. After all, as low as the Senator has gone before, it does take a special kind of scumbag to do something like this.

Representative Joaquin Castro said he did not believe the story at first. “I thought somebody was trying to defame Ted Cruz,” Castro said. Alas, that is not what was happening at all. And Cruz, caught in the act, promptly returned home.

Since that return, the Senator’s story has changed many times, and it’s enough to make one dizzy. Cruz first tried blaming all of this on his children. There is a lesson in that for all of us, and the lesson is as low as this psychopath has gone, he always can go even lower.

Of course, that story promptly fell apart when his wife Heidi Cruz had some of her texts leak. They show Heidi was the one who wanted to get away because it was just so darned cold.

Scrambling back home, Ted tried to explain himself to an unresponsive media while people behind him chanted for him to resign.


Cruz said his decision was “obviously a mistake.” Finally, the Senator has said something we can agree on! But Ted Cruz himself is also a mistake, and the protesters calling on him to resign are right.

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