Ted Cruz is having the worst week ever

Just this past weekend, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, having sworn a special oath to dispense “impartial justice” as a juror in Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial, ostentatiously conspired with Trump’s lawyers on legal strategy for the defense. Cruz helped Trump escape justice in the trial as a result of his steadfast allegiance to the Trump Chapter of the Sedition Caucus.

Of course, Cruz sided with the seditionists at trial because that’s the side he took during the insurrection. He helped perpetuate Trump’s Big Lie that fomented the angry mob that stormed the Capitol. He also furthered Trump’s desire to delay the certification of electoral votes by Congress, while Trump and cronies looked for another deranged avenue to derail the election of Joe Biden as President.

Cruz then turned from his treasonous work to the treacherous conditions in Texas. The state was hit with a terrible winter storm that blanketed it with snow, knocking out power except in El Paso, which, unlike most of Texas, had not tried to escape federal utility regulations and is part of a larger power grid that is still functioning. Millions of Texans have been without power and/or water for days, in severe, subfreezing temperatures.


Beto O’Rourke, the man Cruz defeated to remain a Senator, has been working day and night to provide information on emergency services to Texans in need, even though he’s from El Paso, where power is still on. Apparently believing that “Beto for Texas” was enough, Cruz escaped with his family to warm, sunny Cancun, Mexico. Now, thinking he’ll score points for blaming his kids for the trip (“Good Dad” Ted was just a chaperone), Cruz is heading back, having changed his plans after catching well-deserved grief on Twitter. Whatever his reasons, Traitor Ted has shown that he’s not fit to represent Texas.

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