Ted Cruz humiliates himself during Merrick Garland hearing

Monday kicked off Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing. He’s knocking it out of the park. Garland will make a great AG. It will be such an improvement over corrupt Bill Barr. And make no mistake about it, Garland will be confirmed. It’s not even a maybe. So, we will soon have an Attorney General who is America’s Attorney General, and it will be a wonderful thing.

Do you know what is not wonderful? Watching Senate Republicans suddenly care about things like judicial independence. I’m not kidding. Some Republicans seem suddenly to have developed a conscience (they have not, of course) and are fussily nipping at Garland, sternly demanding answers to whether he will be a fair and impartial AG.

Among the Senators who are seemingly worried about this is Mr. Ted Cruz. Watching Mr. Cruz lecture Merrick Garland about impartiality was vomit-inducing. This is the same Mr. Cruz, who has become a national joke for deserting his constituents to ham it up in Mexico.


My feeling is, Cruz should never even have shown up at the hearing, but of course, being the shameless creep he is, there was no chance of that. And speaking of Cruz, it is with great amusement that I inform you some people have a great sense of humor. A mariachi band was reportedly hired Sunday to play some tunes outside the Senator’s house. These performers, wearing Sombreros, had a grand old time, performing outside the cowardly Cruz’s home, where it did not take long for a crowd of people to gather and enjoy some tunes. Ted can continue with his faux “concern” over Garland’s confirmation, but it does not mean anything. Say hello to your next Attorney General, Merrick Garland!

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